Tomatillo Purple Physalis Ixocarpa

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Packet Size – 20 Seeds

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An absolute must for Mexican and south american cooking, the original tomato! Purple tomatillos are uniquely beautiful and rare to find. They’re small and round like a golf ball, with an average diameter of one or two inches at maturity. Like all tomatillos, the Purple tomatillo is encased in a papery husk, which turns from green to brown and splits open as the fruit matures.
Tomatoes are easy to grow from seed sown indoors in warm conditions. Sow from late Feb is you have propagation equipment or late March to early April otherwise.
Sow in small pots or cells filled with seed compost, then either place in a propagator or cover each pot with a clear plastic bag and place on a bright windowsill. The young seedlings need to be kept at around 18°C (64°F). Transplant into 9cm (3½in) pots when two true leaves have formed. Plant out into a greenhouse or polytunnel in May and be ready to protect them from frost until June.
Tomatillos grow in short bushes and do not require support or pruning.