Tapir Courgette


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CourgetteTapir (Cucurbita pepo var. Giromontina) attracts attention with plump, cylindrical fruits with unusually colored skins. Ripe fruit is dark green in color with long, irregular light green stripes. Marbled zucchini acquire great decorative value. They not only look appetizing, but also taste great – they are recommended for stewing, frying, stuffing and preserving in slices. Despite the low calorific value, they have a high nutritional value, because their delicate flesh provides all the most important vitamins, and also contains mineral salts, incl. potassium, magnesium and iron.

Sowing seeds directly into the ground or on sowing pallets is carried out in the nest, 2-3 pieces in one hole. We start cultivation in spring, with direct sowing only from the second half of May. The position selected for the courgettes should be warm, strongly sunlit, and the soil – carefully dug, loosened and enriched with compost, which will improve its structure and water capacity. You will be able to harvest the nicely grown, effectively colored Tapir courgettes in July and August, about 80 days after sowing.