Red Drumhead


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Solid, dark red, round heads of fine texture, excellent for pickling and for speciality cooked dishes. Summer/Autumn maturing. A foolproof way to grow healthy cabbage seedlings is to sow them in module seed trays – sow one or two seeds in each module 1.5cm deep. Thin out the weaker seedling. Cabbages will germinate in about a week and will be ready for planting about three weeks later. Make sure to harden off early sowings carefully. The key with cabbage is to plant in to firm ground – the root and stem will eventually have to support a very heavy head! Since they are a hungry crop, add plenty of compost or manure the previous autumn. Water plants well before sowing – create a hole with a dibber, pop the seedling in and then firm in very well. Spacing will determine the size of the heads – between 45-60cm is about right. Cabbages will tolerate partial shade. Include cabbages in your brassica rotation – do not plant them where there have been brassicas for at least 3-4 years previously. A suggested planting plan for a near continuous supply of cabbage (assuming you have the space):
• Summer Cabbage – sow early April
• Autumn Cabbage – sow early May
• Winter Cabbage – sow early June
• Spring Cabbage – sow early August