Purple Italian Turnip


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Di Milano a Colletto Viola is an early variety with interesting two-color swells, which are characterized by an excellent taste. The large ones are slightly flattened and the flesh is white, tender and juicy. Very gentle. Interestingly, young leaves are also recommended to eat. They can be served like lettuce, raw. Turnip is rich in vitamins B1, B2, C and mineral salts. It also contains significant amounts of essential oils and carotene. The presented turnip is one of the vegetables with a short growing season – about 60 days. Thanks to this, it can be sown on the forecrop from early spring or at the end of summer, in July, after previous vegetables.

Turnips are very tasty raw. Thin slices are a great addition to sandwiches. Grated goes well with a variety of salads. It is also recommended for baking or stewing. It is a vegetable that can be successfully baked, fried and stuffed. It is a surprising and tasty alternative to regular potatoes.