Pegasus Peas


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Pea Pegasus – scaly, very sweet (Pisum sativum) seeds of this variety contain large amounts of sugar, which makes them exceptionally good taste. Pegasus is one of the early varieties of pea peas. Approximately 75-78 days after sowing, the seeds will reach a growth phase suitable for harvesting. It is a typical dwarf plant whose stiff, erect shoots grow to a height of 40 to 60 cm. Pods appear on shoots singly or in pairs. The pegasus creates plump pods, 8-9 cm long, each holding 7 or 8 large seeds. The fresh grain is soft, slightly wrinkled and has a nice green color. However, the seeds are most appreciated for their sweet and delicate taste, they are intended for direct consumption, for preservation or freezing.

Sow the husk peas in early spring, from March to early April. Sowing should not be delayed, as it results in a decrease in the yield obtained. The pea seeds are sown immediately in the place where they are to grow. For cultivation, we use soil rich in humus and nutrients, and well-drained. They should also be moderately moist, as this vegetable requires a lot of water. Harvesting is from June to July, when the seeds are sufficiently grown, but still soft and juicy.