Paris Market 5 Carrot


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The spherical carrots Paris Market 5 is an early variety that anyone can afford to grow. A sweet vegetable with lumps the size of large radishes is a great alternative to carrots in a traditional shape. Perfect for growing under covers and in beds in open ground. The spherical-shaped roots are uniform, very intense orange in color. The flesh is rich in sugars and carotene, with no tendency to accumulate nitrates. It is recommended for direct consumption and for delicious juices. It is perfect for preserving, freezing and storing. The unique, small shape of carrots eliminates the need to cut them, they can be served whole, e.g. as a healthy snack for children. It will look beautiful as an ingredient in marinades. Spherical carrots are a great way to change even a simple dish and add extraordinary,

Paris Market 5 carrot seeds are sown from March to May. The growing season is 70-80 days. The sowing depth should not be more than 3 cm. Recommended spacing 3 × 15 cm. Harvesting takes place in the months of July-September. Carrots are best grown in sunny places, in light, humus and moderately moist soil.