Nefertiti Courgette


Packet size:10
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Nefertiti (Cucurbita pepo) is a variety that grows abundantly, yields rich harvest and develops a bushy habit. It forms long and cylindrical, medium-sized fruit. Their skin is intensely green and shiny and takes on darker colour as they mature. It usually takes 70 – 80 days from sow to harvest. We recommend to harvest young, not too large fruit that are 20 – 25 cm long. Grown at that time they will have a soft and firm flesh and what is more important, will taste much better than the fully ripe ones.

Courgette is very easy in cultivation. If you provide it with a sunny, warm site with fertile soil, it would grow well and yield rich harvest. It thrives in warm, permeable, yet moist soils rich in nutrients. Sow in April and protect from frost until June With Harvests from Early July. They are big bushy plants so leave a meter for each plant.