Muscat De Provence - Butter Nut Squash


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Muscade de Provence pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata) is one of the most valuable varieties of butternut squash, famous for its unique aroma and great taste. The plant adopts a creeping habit and produces very large fruit weighing 5-10 kg, ready for harvesting from October to November. It is impossible to confuse them with the yield of another pumpkin, because they take the typical, strongly flattened shape and have thick ribs. Their skin, initially greyish-green, turns brown-orange with time. Quite dense, fiber-free flesh is juicy orange and interspersed with large seeds. It has a very good, sweet taste, and it breaks into threads when cooked.

The presented plant is easy to cultivate from seedlings and sowing directly into the ground. It needs a sunny, warm site with well-drained and fertile soil with good water capacity. Muscade de Provence butternut squash is recommended primarily for all kinds of preserves – soups, juices, purees, pies and cakes. It is perfect for marinating, stewing and baking. The pumpkin flesh contains the mineral salts of phosphorus and potassium, as well as, in slightly smaller amounts, magnesium, iron and calcium. The fruit is also rich in B vitamins and vitamin PP, and at the same time low in calories and easy to digest.