Indigo Rose Tomato


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Wow! No trick photography whatsoever is needed with this astonishing, rare, new, blackest ever tomato, with ornamental darker leaves and stems, and which is seemingly blight and disease-free. It was developed by Oregon State University, but we were the first to sell it commercially! (Please paste  RAY BROWN GROWS BLACK TOMATOES  into  your browser to see our proprietor with the first ever trials video!) Amaze your friends with trusses of large, fruity-flavoured, unbelievably jet-black, plum-sized fruits, which ripen late in summer to a deepest purple, and when sliced resemble plums with their deep purple-red flesh. It is the first tomato in the world that has anthocyanins actually in its fruit (which are antioxidants, and the same black pigment as in blueberries). Be one of the first to try this black tomato with its clean, strong, clear flavour, a satisfying, dense texture, and a show-stopping appearance, along with the health benefits. This is your chance! (Cordon)