Galaxy Radish


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Radish Galaxy – early, fertile – is a sensational variety with an exceptionally short growing season: only 30 days pass from sowing seeds to harvesting the tasty bulbs. Galaxy forms spherical root thickenings that grow to a considerable size and do not show tendency to parching. The color of the skin is very nice, intense red, without a white spot on the root. The proposed variety ripens evenly, which allows for a concentrated harvest of excellent quality.

Radish ( Raphanus sativus ) is a rich source of vitamin C and B vitamins, and also contains iron, calcium, sulfur, magnesium and phosphorus. It is usually eaten raw, immediately after harvesting, although it can also be boiled and stewed. It is an excellent addition to sandwiches, crispbread and toasts, and it is delicious when paired with cold meats and cheeses.

The soil for the cultivation of the Galaxy radish should be medium compact, airy and sufficiently high in humus (on poor and sandy substrates, compost can be used, which will improve soil fertility and water capacity). The variety presented in our store is resistant to unfavorable weather conditions and provides a high collection of nicely formed roots in both spring and autumn cultivation.