Finesse dwarf Green Beans


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Finesse beans – green beans, very resistant to diseases (Phaseolus vulgaris), a green-brown variety that ripens quite late. The period from sowing seeds to harvest is about 82 days. Dwarf variety, with compact habit and strong root system, shows no tendency to lodging. It is also distinguished by resistance to diseases common to the cultivation of beans, in particular anthracnose and bacteriosis. The pods reach maturity very evenly, thanks to which mechanical harvesting is possible. The pods tied by the presented variety are 12-15 cm long and have a diameter of less than 1 cm. Dark green with a distinct sheen are extremely appetizing, and most importantly they have no fibers. Finesse beans are valuable for processing, but also for direct consumption.

Finesse string bean seeds are sown into the ground from the second half of May to June. Then we can be sure that the young plants will not suffer from spring frosts. We choose a sunny and wind-protected place for cultivation. Due to the well-developed root system, the variety has less water requirements. It works best on fertile, humus soils with a high content of nutrients. Harvest the pods when they are firm and young, usually from July to August.