Endive Riccia Cuor D'oro


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Riccia Cuor D’oro endive is a valued variety that creates wide, dense rosettes of narrow, curly leaves in a juicy green color. It is an extremely valuable and uncomplicated vegetable in terms of its environmental requirements, similar to lettuce. It contains large amounts of vitamins (provitamin A, B vitamins and vitamin C), mineral salts (calcium, potassium, iron) and medicinal substances that have a beneficial effect on the digestive system. Before harvesting the leaves of the Riccia Cuor D’oro endive, it is worthwhile to whiten the rosettes: 2-3 weeks before the planned removal of the plants from the beds, tie their leaves halfway up with a string and a rubber band. The inner leaves should be completely dry during the treatment as moisture will cause them to rot. The middle part of the rosette is used for food. Bleached leaves have a more delicate flavor and a brittle structure. They are an excellent addition to sandwiches and a nutritious component of salads and salads.

For endive cultivation, choose an open, airy, sunny and warm position. We collect lush rosettes from humus soil, sufficiently moist but permeable.