Crown Prince


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Crown Prince is generally thought to be one of the best all-round squashes with the sweetest tasting flesh. It is very reliable & productive and has excellent storage qualities & can last for up to a year if stored in a cool, dry place.
Crown Prince squash has metallic grey blue skin with contrasting rich deep orange flesh inside. The waxy, dense flesh is great for all culinary purposes but makes especially good ‘squash wedges’ as it holds it’s shape when roasted with a little drizzle of oil & a sprinkle of sea salt.
Crown Prince grows on a vine if you want to grow fewer squashes but larger ones then pinch out vine when 1 or 2 squashes have formed.
They do need lots of organic matter & water to get the best performance. To get the best results and larger squash grow indoors in April-May and then transplant outside when the risk of frost has passed.
An unusual vegetable that is very difficult to buy in supermarkets.