Coral Carrots


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Coral Carrots – (Daucus carota) are among the highly valued late varieties. Its roots have an even, attractive, conical shape and reach very large sizes – from 15 to even 21 cm in length. Both the smooth skin and the firm, juicy flesh are clearly orange in color. Due to the very high content of carotenoids and sugars, Coral carrots are used in processing. It is also cultivated to supply the fresh market with large roots of excellent quality. An additional advantage of the proposed variety is the fact that it shows an exceptionally low tendency to accumulate nitrates in the roots.

The seeds are sown from late winter to early spring directly at the target position. Carrots require a soil that is not very compact, humus, with well-drained subsoil. The good roots of the Coral variety can be harvested – depending on the sowing date – from mid-July to mid-October.