Connovers Colossal

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A perennial vegetable grown for its delicious shoots or spears, asparagus is a revelation when home-grown. Asparagus Connover’s Colossal is an old, open-pollinated variety which is particularly reliable in the Irish climate, and has a very good flavour. they can start to be harvested after 2-4 years – and it’s worth the wait! When fully mature, asparagus plants will produce about 10 spears a year over 8 weeks, and will last for 15-20 years. Asparagus Connover’s Colossal does best on light soils; if growing on heavy soils, plant in a raised bed. Protect the emerging spears from slugs. Keep the bed weed free. Then wait. Every year, add a mulch in the autumn. Asparagus produces a mass of fern like foliage that grows unexpectedly tall – up to 6ft. It will need supporting with canes otherwise it will fall over.