Camelot Crunch


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Camelot lettuce (Lactuca sativa) – head, brittle, late, Batavia type – is one of the most fertile ice varieties suitable for growing in open ground throughout the season. It creates handsome, tight, spherical heads. They consist of large leaves with a compact, brittle structure and a uniform green color. The exceptional juiciness and crunchiness of Camelot iceberg lettuce make its leaves a valuable salad ingredient. As a low-calorie vegetable, rich in vitamins and fiber, tasty crispy lettuce is a delicious green addition to sandwiches, even for those who do not like vegetables.

Invest in this variety if you are looking for lettuce seeds that are suitable for sowing almost all season long. Camelot can be grown in early or late spring and summer, and its beautifully shaped heads can be harvested from May to September.