Burpees Golden


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Beetroot ‘Burpees Golden’ is a sweet-tasting and brilliant-looking organic beetroot, it’s fantastic for mixing with the purple in a salad.

I sow one row of orange next to a row of purple and harvest a few roots of both each time. Germination is sporadic so sow plenty of seeds…….Germination is in about 10 days and you will have roots to eat in about 3 months. Sow either in module trays (for careful transplanting about a month after sowing) or in situ outside about 1 inch deep, 4 inches apart in rows about 12 inches apart. Traditionally two seeds are sown at each point and then one is taken away when the seedlings are 1 inch high. Bear in mind that a beetroot seed is actually a “cluster” of up to five seeds, so you may need to thin out if they all germinate. Sow every two weeks from April until July (for a continuous supply of young beets) although you can start even earlier (March) in a greenhouse or polytunnel. Sow another batch in July which will be ready to lift in October for winter storage. Young beets are sensitive to cold spells which is why we generally wait until April to sow. Protect young seedlings with fleece if required. Overwatering encourages leave growth at the expense of root formation.