Killarney Black Garlic – Peeled. 50g Jar


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50g of peeled Black Garlic.

This Single Clove Black Garlic is grown, cured and fermented on Poppa Dom’s Farm in Co Kerry. The Garlic is grown from our own seed stock of garlic we have developed specifically for making this Black Garlic. We are proud to say that ours is the best, a rich garlicky sweetness with undertones of hazelnuts and chocolate, and without that balsamic sourness in the aftertaste.

If that sharpness is what you are looking for, check out our Classic Black Garlic that is fermented from a French variety of garlic (which we grow ourselves) to produce that classic rich sweet and sour garlic taste.

Black Garlic is grown as normal and has been fermented at low temperatures, controlled humidity and pressure, for months using a special programable oven.