Black Beauty Courgette


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Black Beauty Courgette(Cucurbita pepo var. Giromontina) is one of the best early varieties, yielding equally abundant crops in open ground and in foil tunnels. The plant produces cylindrical, even, long fruits with a dark green skin, free from spots and discoloration. The delicate flesh is highly palatable and contains provitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C and valuable micro- and macroelements. It is recommended to eat fruit 15-20 cm long for direct consumption. Easily digestible, low-calorie zucchini is perfect for steaming, stewing, frying and grilling, it can also be stuffed.

Black Beauty fruits are obtained from sowing directly into the ground in late spring or from seedlings – then sowing seeds into production pots is carried out in early spring. Plants need soil that is not too heavy, airy and moist, preferably rich in humus. Regardless of the cultivation method adopted, the crop can be harvested from the beginning of July to August.