Bison Broadbean


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Broad bean is an annual legume. The usable part consists of large, very tasty seeds with a high concentration of nutrients. Broad bean Bizon is an early variety with excellent vigor of growth and good seeds. The plants, about 90 cm high, bear fruit 70-75 days after sowing. Pods long, 14-17 cm. in the interior from 2 to 5 magnificent seeds. The bison produces light green, thick and even seeds. It is a variety with high taste values. On the surface of the seeds, grayish marks at the point of attachment to the pod cover. Broad bean Bizon is recommended primarily for direct consumption after harvest. It can also be frozen, preserved and pickled.

Growing broad beans is very simple. High yields are obtained in sunny, warm and open positions. The soil should be humus-rich and slightly moist. A somewhat more compact structure is preferred. Sowing is carried out from the end of March to the end of April. A depth of 4-6 cm and a spacing of 60 x 10 cm is recommended.

Broad beans are recommended as a vegetable with a high content of easily digestible protein. There is a treasury of B vitamins, provitamin A and mineral salts, especially iron, phosphorus and calcium. It has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system – it works against coronary artery disease. It is a source of dietary fiber, which makes it filling.