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If you would like to contact us regarding any of our products, please feel free to use the contact form.


Please email to be included in the vegbox scheme for this year. all other products are available on this website or via for the killarney and tralee areas.

Yes for seeds and tools, using the An Post system, registered post is optional.
Fresh food is delivered locally to the Killarney area and via Neighbourfood to Mallow, Tralee and more coming soon.

Yes, all plastic looking items are made from PLA plastics which are fully biodegradable. Paper and cardboard are prefered and used as a priority. One exception is the seed packets, they are made with PE plastic and Mylar, this solves most issues with seed storage and provides a reusable packet that will last decades. As soon as a light reflective and biodegradable option becomes available, that can resist temperature and moisture, we will change the packaging.

Delivery of vegbox is done masked and gloved, cashless and I leave the box and knock the door, no physical contact is required. Neighbourfood has an outside drop off point where I and the Neighbourfood rep are both masked and we check in the products. Collection is done the same way, a mask and an outdoor table.

Our certification is pending however we grow, store, pack and deliver our products without using any chemicals at all. We use natural timings and a balanced low input method of growing. For the 2021 season our purchased inputs are: 
Organic compost by Enrich
Certified organic Boron supplement, Organic Slug Pellets, Potash and Kelp Powder from Fruithill Farm.
Nematodes from Quickcrop. (for natural predation of Flea beetle and wireworm)
Municipal water supply for the polytunnels.
All other fertilizers, pest and disease control are produced in house from plants we grow.